Meet ju ju


The ju ju team was born shortly after the birth of my first baby girl, where the search was on to find her beautiful lacy pieces with the old world charm; pieces she could wear daily and not only on special occasions. My sister Jen and I invoked our creative drives, combined with my mother's  long standing seam-stressing experience.


    At ju ju Creations, we endeavour to create clothing that is vintage inspired, (warning!) extremely girly and reminiscent of a bygone romantic era, with a modern twist and the use of lace (now who doesn't love lace!) and embellishments to complete the look. Our dream is to create the ju ju girl, aka a girl who wears ju ju not just for that special occasion, but also to the playground and park, running around in her ju ju dress or playsuit and scooter-ing about in her modern vintage floral little number!


    The word 'ju ju' is a word close to our hearts, it means little bird and is a term of endearment used for my little girls, and one my father used when he referred to his two girls (the ju ju design duo). So we felt nothing more would be appropriate then to use this word when naming our label...the inspiration behind it all!  A term handed down through our family generations, connecting us. 


    Each ju ju Creations piece encapsulates and celebrates the fun-loving, spirited and carefree attitude every little girl possesses. Designed and lovingly made in Australia, we use only the softest cotton fabrics, fun floral prints which co-exist harmoniously with soft plain palettes, featuring delicate laces and embellishments, and most importantly to stand the test of play and fun!




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